Dear Miss Kerri Rosenstein,
After you told me again where your star field was, and the Rosenstein stone I picked out in my pocket, along with the puka shell we found from close to the star field, the white stone you gave me from in your car, the lavender from the farmer's market, and the wild sage from Yellowstone Park that I had hanging with your dreamcatcher for a week, I felt confident I would find your star field. And I sure did, no problem. The light was right and as I drove by it I saw it right away, like it was calling to me. I pulled over and asked the stones what they thought. It felt good, an easy drive, no traffic on the way, and when I turned my music on the first song that came on was Free Bird. Ya, it felt right. So, I looked for a good spot and started making a star with white coral rocks from my home beach and a white shell in the middle as an alter to place the Rosenstein stone in as well as the puka shell with the lavender sticking out of the puka resting right above the Rosenstein stone, the white stone below also in the shell, and the sage just a little underneath the top of the shell. I figure the three (Rosenstein stone, puka shell and white stone are all friends). The Rosenstein stone can feel at home here looking up at the stars at night in a star field you created in the lava, hanging out with the puka shell (that we found on a nearby beach), the stone you found that I really liked (it felt like pureness), the lavender from your hometown (for calmness), the wild sage from Yellowstone that was hanging with your old dreamcatcher (to keep the area clear and positive vibe), and the white coral rocks and shell from my home beach (for some local mana). I think I did well, so the stone can now relax and exhale in happy and joyful peace. Looking back now, the only thing I can think of to add is some ti leaf.
As you know, the Rosenstein was with me on some fun times through Montana, Yellowstone, Idaho and Seattle before ending up where it is now. I feel good about its resting place.
A full rainbow filled aloha,
Barry Levenbaum

October 16, 2009
near Kona, Hawaii