Wondering in Baltimore with Lisa, Chris in Bay Inner Harbor on Sep 12, I have a great time. Charm City is just awesome in the rain. Accidentally found people gathering, we felt curious and walked by. After making things clear, I decide to take it back to China. It would be meaningful, isn’t it? And this stone has flied with me across Canada, the North Pole, Russia, Mongolia and finally landed in China.
This is Yongtian Liang. I study in Wuhan University, Hubei Province, China. On Oct 8th, I put this stone Rosenstein on campus, a quiet place with old, tall trees, where people practice TaiChi, as can seen from the first photo. TaiChi plays a significant role in old China and even now, which means the pursuit of meditation of mind, harmony with nature. At last, I put it back to earth in the grass. A celebration of life-breathing in, breathing out. I hope he’ll feel peace there.

Yongtian Liang
October 10, 2010
Wuhan, China