I am packing up the little farmhouse I've been living in for the past 2 months out in Tyler Hill, PA and I stumbled upon the stone I took from you when I was in Montana visiting. I took it out of my backpack, looked at my dog Levi and we instantly agreed on where to put this little red rock. Seeing as how lovely this place is, and how I am myself departing from it I thought I better leave it behind to inhabit a corner of this place. Whenever Levi gets out of the house he takes off for the nearby creek bed and comes home sopping wet and wagging his tail. We have spent many afternoons swimming and playing fetch there, and it seemed to be the best place for this little pebble to live. I put Levi on the leash and he happily led the way, we picked a good place, set it down, and played some fetch over it. It now sits in the creek we have spent so many happy playtimes in.

Carolyn Hopkins & Levi
July 12, 2010
Tyler Hill, PA