The Zen garden in the Sofitel Hotel acts as a quiet place of rest for people who travel around the world. I stayed there on my last trip to Nigeria. I think your father fits in well in this place of quietness surrounded by a busy world. So as a person walks around the garden, notices the indoor pond, and looks at the well rounded stones that line the pond, they will see a red one against the grey/green background. As they get closer they will see it has something painted on it: "Rosenstein".
The Sofitel at London's Heathrow Terminal 5 is a great place to stay overnight. It is adjacent to the busy terminal but is separated by a long corridor and is very quiet and peaceful. In the hotel area off the main lobby is a Zen Garden with statues. It is in an atrium between buildings containing floors of meeting and hotel rooms. The garden has a serene feel with well groomed trees and comfortable furniture. The Zen garden area has an indoor pond surrounded by natural rocks of various sizes and floor tile which gives the appearance of being in a stream bed. The well rounded "Rosenstein" stone nestled in comfortably with the other stream eroded stones around the indoor pond.

Bill Osten
March 24, 2010
Sofitel Hotel in the London Area Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
London, England