...I grew up around this area, west of Denver. Drove past the hill with the Mother Cabrini Shrine at its peak many times, though had never hiked up for some reason. Most people see the ascent as a pilgrimage... and delivering the stone felt like a pilgrimage of sorts to me as well... my intention was to deliver the stone to a place where people went to feel sacred energy. It was a beautiful early summer day, Solstice time, and bright orange poppies covered the whole hillside, a good day for a hike. When I made the last turn to climb the final steps to the summit I was surprised, there was the huge white statue, but not of Mother Cabrini, as I had always thought it would be throughout my childhood, but of Jesus! The best surprise was at the base of the statue - a big white heart made out of rocks made by Mother Cabrini. She had put them there when she came to the top of this hill so long ago. I had no idea she had done this, but it made the area seem all the more appropriate a place to leave the rose stone. Nowadays they have the white heart rocks covered with plexiglass so no one will mess with them. This was ironic to me because I had wanted someone to find the rose stone after I left it, to move it, throw it out into the poppies or to take it somewhere else. So I climbed over the fence and put the rose stone at the feet of a little Mother Mary statue that's outside the gated area. It's overlooking the valley, overlooking Denver, overlooking the poppies, with the possibility that someone else might find it... the stone's final(?) destination open ended....

Loryn Zerr
March 8, 2010
near Denver, Colorado