My name is SeaGull #5435, G for short. I live on Miami Beach and spend most of my days flying around looking for food. Last Sunday, I saw your rose stones on the beach. When you were setting up I couldn't wait to fly down and pick out a stone. I placed mine in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of your installation. I thought that was most appropriate, for two reasons. One, since I don't have hands and with webbed feet it can be hard to carry a heavy stone.... I can only carry it in my mouth for so long. And two, well, I must admit when I swooped down to pick it up, I thought it was food. Once I figured out that it wasn't the heaviest piece of food I'd ever picked up (I thought I had hit the mother lode), I dropped it in the water. I'm not sure the stone even stayed where I dropped it. When it hit the water I think a fish thought it was food and came up and got it. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your stones all day on the beach.

December 7, 2009
Atlantic Ocean (off the Florida coast)