As I was thinking about where I would place my rose stone, I also thought back to a lecture given by Art Historian Marie Shurkus during my artist residency in Vermont. She spoke of appropriation, re-enactment and affect. I decided to re-enact part of your work to house my rose stone. Originally, I was only going to collect 230 red stones (1% of the 23,000 [23,024] that you collected). As I began to collect the 230 stones, I thought of my grandfather. After I collected the 230 rose-colored stones, I did the math and figured out that 282 stones would be 1% of the number of days of his life. I then collected that many stones, but blue in hue, to honor my grandfather. I placed the 282 blue-colored stones next to the 230 rose-colored stones. I place my rose stone from your exhibit amidst the rose stones. I found a blue rock and wrote “couture” on it and placed it with the blue stones.

Renee Couture
September 7, 2009
Glide, Oregon