...I told my husband that Liam, age 8, would want to take his stone home and "save" it. (He is a little packrat and takes home rocks, sticks, feathers, etc. from his visits). Sure enough he said right away he would take his home and put it on a shelf in his room. Someday in the future it will be planted! The other two said they also wanted to take theirs home and plant them in Spokane. Sean, age 10, has planted his in a city park near their home, and Ciara, age 6, has planted hers in their garden.
On two different hikes with Grandpa they did decide where to plant our two stones. One was planted on a rock bar in Rattlesnake Creek and the other on Blue Mountain near the lookout tower among the Lupine and wild strawberry.
And that’s the story of the five stones taken by the Hagan family...

Judy and Tom Hagan
August 27, 2009
Missoula, Montana
Spokane, Washington