Dear Kerri Rosenstein,
I know you probably get lots of e-mail from tons of people, but please at least read this one! My name is Madeleine and I greatly admire you. You are personally one of my favorite artists. Some people say that art is whatever the artist says it is. I agree with that but I also think art is whatever the viewer says it is. I, as the viewer am telling you that what you've done is not only art but one of the most beautiful types of art I have ever seen and I've seen lots of art! It looks to me like you're taking pieces of nature out of the wilderness, filling them with love, ambition, and peace, then returning them back to where they belong in a way so that everyone who chooses to, can have a little piece of the power you've created. I think that if there is an afterlife in which those who have passed on can look down on those whom they've left behind, you're father would be happy and at peace for forever, however long that may be.
I am returning one of you're stones to nature on the Oregon Coast possibly back to the place from which it was taken.
You are a beautiful artist.
You're admirer,
Madeleine: age 11

Madeleine Tucker
July 11, 2009
Missoula, Montana