...I brought home one of your stones to Chicago, and my husband placed it deep into his pack with the intention of putting it in a special place that is as far north as human beings ever travel in North America. When he called me from Alaska after two weeks of being out of contact, he described in great detail the birds, the ocean, the river, the twenty-four hour sun, and so on. I listened politely, but what I really wanted to know was, "Did you find a place for the Rosenstein stone????"

Nancy Engelhard

A week after Nancy got back from Missoula, I took off for a raft trip on the Kongakut River in Alaska. The Kongakut runs through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the Brooks Range down to the Arctic Ocean. I placed the stone on Icy Reef, a 50 foot wide by 9 mile long island with the ocean on one side and the mouth of the Kongakut River on the other. Very few people ever visit this place. The stone will be there for a long time...

Larry Geni
July 15, 2009
Kongakut River, Icy Reef, Arctic Ocean, Alaska